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How can I prepare my New Zealand Lamb?

So, you've got yourself some New Zealand Lamb but you don't know how to prepare it? Lucky for you we have listed a few spectacular recipes so you can get the most flavor out of your lamb.

From grilling, barbecuing, braising to infusing biryanis, stews, moussakas...there is a lamb dish to please everyone.

A hearty one pot meal that is quick and easy to make for yourself, your family, and any get together. See full recipe here.
We will become the best source of lamb recipes, especially New Zealand lamb, on the Internet. Your comments and contribution would be welcome.
Lamb Shank in Red Wine Sauce
BBQ Rack of Lamb
Lamb biryani
Roast Lamb in Pressure Cooker
Coconut Lamb Curry
Traditional Lamb Roast
Lamb and Potato Moussaka
Lamb Dum Biryani
Herb-Crusted Lamb Cutlets

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